Friday, 24 January 2014

Abbijo: A Birthday Wish

Well with all my coursework and exams over I can finally just chill with my friends. Last night was one of my closest friends 21st birthday so we went out to Za Za Bazaar for dinner with a bunch of people. Unfortunately I didn't actually take any pictures myself so I stole a few from Facebook that were put up and therefore cannot blame me for them being blurry right? Haha

Some of the group of us while M blows out his candles

M in the background making the rounds to say hi to people as about 45 people came in the end

I just wanted to wish my little (older than me) brother a massive happy birthday, he is always there whenever I need to talk and that is seriously one of the best things about him. Also whenever I am stressed or nervous or worried or upset etc... he knows how to make me laugh and I love him for it!

So hugs and kisses from me on your massive 21st birthday xxxx

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