Monday, 6 January 2014

Abbijo: Tradition

Christmas time is full of tradition, it is perhaps one of the only universal words to describe Christmas. There are international traditions and national traditions and of course familial traditions. To each individual person Christmas means a different thing. And I believe that it is the same situation for other religious celebrations.

This time of year I always know what I am going to expect to do for a roughly two week period and this is something I look forward to every year. It is oriented around my family and friends and Church and we repeat the same thing every year but adapt it to suit any changes in our lives.

I visited my Grandma's house recently and was in the kitchen when I saw her fridge, it was this that made me want to write about tradition. Every time my sister, mother or I go on holiday we bring back a magnet of the place we visited and she puts it on her fridge. There are so many on there now and if I remember correctly it was my sister that started the tradition of giving her a magnet.

This is what her fridge looks like now...

We have been doing this for about 10 years, so this is my family's travel history for the past 10 years. I think it is so interesting looking back over this and remembering the journeys that we took together, or I took on my own where we bought these magnets.

So my other top family traditions would be going to Llandudno and staying in the same hotel every summer. Llandudno is a small town on the north coast of Wales, it's super cute and has an amazing pier with really fun activities on it. We used to go for a week but in recent years have cut it down to a long weekend. Since my sister moved to London and got a proper job, she doesn't have enough holiday time to spend a whole week there any more.
Also in my family on my sister's birthday I get a present off my mum and grandma and on my birthday my sister gets presents off them too. This is so that we didn't feel left out when we were younger. I think this was a good idea when we were younger as it meant that we were much more acceptant of each other's massive amounts of presents. I think I will probably continue this tradition if I ever have more than one child.

What family traditions do you guys have?


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