Monday, 20 January 2014

Abbijo: Revision necessities

So it's that time of year again where people have their university January exams and while many have finished by now I actually have one tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it at all but it has to be done.

I'm taking a break from revision (procrastinating) because I really hate doing work and have basically zero motivation for this unit. So I thought I would share what goes in my bag when I go to the library.

Probably the first thing you notice is my laptop screen shining out at you, well duh who doesn't take a laptop to work with? 
I always carry two notebooks, not because I think I am going to be so efficient that I'm going to fill them both up with lots of insightful knowledge (if only). One of them is the notebook that has my lecture notes in it and the other is where I make all my revision notes. Why take a laptop then if you aren't going to work on it? Simply because it has the internet and thus if I am confused I just open my laptop and it's simple to find the answer, easier than looking for a book in the library anyway. Plus my iPod died today so it is charging at home and I can listen to music through my laptop.
That brings me nicely to my headphones, I find big chunky headphones make revision so much easier than in ears because they cancel out the rest of the noise.
Colourful felt tips so that your work isn't too boring, a pen to write with (obviously) and a highlighter, just so you know those really important bits will stand out.
Glasses if you need them, or even if you don't they make you look smart even if you don't feel it. 
Vaseline, because nobody has time for dry hurting cracked lips when they are working.
And last but by no means least a bottle of water. Got to stay hydrated while you work! 

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