Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Abbijo: De-stressing

So after an exam and before you start work again, you really need to relax and calm down...right? And then if the same day you had an exam decides to be even more of a bitch to you and you happen to see three ex boyfriends/flings while you're wearing sweatpants, UGGs and a hoodie, without a scrap of make-up and hair pushed into a messy bun on top of your head, the only redeeming feature being that you aren't in the middle of a breakout, you REALLY need something to relax you.

Well unfortunately for me this happened to me yesterday. So when I eventually got back home I headed straight for my bathroom and started to run a bath. This couldn't just be a normal bath though, I needed to bring out the 'big guns'as it were.

Obviously scented candles are a necessity, rose scented from Bulgaria, and some form of food that will cheer you up, for me grapes are so delicious that they are always helpful. Alcohol is a way to cope but in this situation I needed it. This is a concoctions I decided to try once and loved it so much! Basically it is Elderflower Cordial  and water with Peach Schnapps added to it. Sounds quite strange but tastes absolutely delicious. 
And of course a bit of mental relaxation with a good book. Agatha Christie is my all time favourite author and recently I have been re-reading a few of her books because if I already know what happens it won't distract me from work and so is nice to read in a break or something. 
Of course a bubble bath is also kind of important for me to relax in, it just makes the whole scenario seem so much more luxurious. And if this is not enough I add music or a film I know well to play in the background.

Result: Relaxation achieved

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