Friday, 6 December 2013

Abbijo: A Male Air hostess

So fortunately since we are a good way into the first term back at university it is time for the society initiations and this means ridiculous costumes and unfortunate happenings due to alcohol.
Luckily for me I have friends who play rugby, and unluckily for them rugby initiations are always among the worst. One of my friends only joined the team this year so he had a proper first year challenge to complete and that was to dress as a female air hostess and include make-up. My friend is from Singapore and so to him this really does not make sense. He kept asking me why we 'angmohs' do such weird stuff like this and complaining that all he wanted to do was play rugby. 'Angmohs' are what Singaporean people call white people as a differentiation, my friends all tell me it isn't in a racist way...

So anyway, my friend asked for my help, naturally I would be able to find him an outfit so he could dress as an air hostess and I would of course be able to make him look 'purddyyyy'. So off we went to Ann Summers to find him one of those dress up outfits.

As it turns out they had two types of air hostess outfits and he preferred the blue one which they had in a size UK16 which I thought would fit him just fine. The second one was a red one which I don't think he liked as much because it was so bright and would draw attention to him more, this was in a UK18 which I thought might be a bit big on him.
Unfortunately as it turned out, the UK16 blue one fitted his body well, but his biceps and triceps were to big to fit into the sleeves of it! I found this really funny and so did the Ann Summers assistants who were all having a massive laugh at his expense. The red UK18 dress didn't have proper sleeves so in the end we had to go with that one just cause his muscles were too big!!

My friend even said I could share the results with you...
 This was the result of my outstanding styling work, oh an check out the his caption for the picture. Quite funny cause I had told him it would be exceptionally messy with the rugby guys and I'm pretty sure he told me he thought he would be fine! As if...

This is a close up of his make-up for the evening. I was quite surprised because I gave him eyeliner on his waterline and on the inner part of the lid too, and while he blinked a lot he took it quite well. But I remember when I first used a stick eyeliner on this area and I freaked out cause it felt so horrible!
I powdered his face added blusher and added girl meets pearl using it as a highlighter for his cheeks. Red/pink lipstick and masses of eyeliner and smudging helped me to achieve this look.

One of his friends asked him to take a 'slutty selfie' so this is what happened.

I have to say it was actually really fun doing his make-up and I got a very thankful text in the morning that actually said me doing his make-up was the best part of his night; mainly because he couldn't remember the rest of his night at all, but I took this as a compliment and suggested we do it again sometime. He vehemently refused...

So moral of the story, go to university, get a reputation as being really helpful with stuff, get a reputation as a make-up extraordinaire (bizarre title some of my friends gave me because I have a large collection of make-up) and the result will be having a fun night making your guy friends look like girls!


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