Friday, 27 December 2013

Abbijo: In Berlin

My family and I took a trip to Berlin shortly before Christmas and had an amazing time! It was my first time in Germany and it was awesome.

My mum and I flew from Liverpool John Lennon Airport and they love The Beatles there (obviously)

 Upon arriving in Berlin and meeting up with my sister and her partner we were absolutely starving and found this really cute restaurant to eat it,

 It reminded me of the 1920's era, lots of Art Deco themed decorations and also a heavy Egyptian influence! Strange but seriously cool. It was underneath a railway which made the shape of the building pretty unique.

And of course had some Germand food 

 My Sister and her partner went on a snow slope that we found. I was delegated to taking a picture for them and so was not allowed to go, which was fine by me because I was super sick anyway!

Christmas Markets have some seriously beautiful stalls, this was one of my favourites by far. All the stuff was so pretty and ornate and they even had a massive selection of singing bowls! Okay so it isn't very Christmasy but I super loved it!

Obligatory to take a picture of a cute new skirt with braces that you bought. Feeling the French vibe of my outfit.....for Germany, hmmmm?!

 We went up TV tower for breakfast. It is the tallest building in Berlin and the restaurant at the top rotates 360 degrees and so you get this amazing view of the whole of Berlin.

Who knew ice skating was free in Germany, you just have to pay 2.50 Euro for the skates! So if you have your own you're in luck!

 Went to check out the Brandenburg Gate at night.

More Christmas Markets....

We went to this station so much it seemed to me that everywhere we wanted to go we had to cross through Stadtmitte. So for memories sake I took a picture of the sign

 Because I Love Berlin!

 My best find was kumquats because I haven't eaten them since I was little and I LOVE them!

And the Gate in the Day time with my absolutely crazy sister!

Shameless and random selfies, I mean apparently 2013 was the year of the selfie right?!

 Or not so random, this one was at the top of the Reichstag

Goodbye Berlin. It's been fun!

 Auf Wiedersehen

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