Monday, 21 October 2013

Abbjo: A Halloween Mermaid

So as we all know Halloween is coming up and I know it still seems like ages away but I get so many ideas for Halloween that I like to try them all out before the big day. I thought I would post each look that I try out so that if anyone needs inspiration for the day they can get it here. If you see a look you like and would like to know how I did it leave a comment and I'll either do a detailed blog post on that look, how it is done and the products I used, or drop you an email if you leave your email address.

My personal interest and love of make-up came originally from being on stage and watching the make-up artists do their magic and transform people into the weird and wonderful. I was always fascinated by the idea that some colour in a pot could make you into whatever you would choose to be. I think when you are upset you can hide behind make-up and it can brighten your day and make you really feel better. So perhaps that is way I often lean to the theatrical when it comes top Halloween.

But enough of my obsession with make-up and let's see my first idea for Halloween this year.

I got this idea a while back and while it doesn't really suit the spooky side of Halloween it does suit the need I feel to dress up! I thought a mermaid might be a really cool look to do and I found some really interesting photos of other peoples interpretations of mermaid make-up and from them and my own thoughts I kind of just went right ahead and created this...

I'm sorry the pictures don't show the colour that well but I really enjoyed doing this look. I made the choice of using typical colours associated with water using different hues of silver, blue and green. I also decided to make my skin a pale white/grey colour as I personally think that if skin has not seen the sun ever and you are living in the depths of the ocean it would not have any rosy hue at all but would have a tinge of grey. I hollowed out my cheeks with a dark grey because I thought that a sunken and perhaps gaunt look would make it more appropriate to Halloween, therefore I also added some into the sockets of my eyes. The scales on my forehead and lower jaw were created by using a fish net stocking and adding colour while it was in place. I made my lips a sort of ombre between the green and the blue just to add some more dimension. And as you can see my eyes are just a mix of eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner.

I hope this make-up can help you decided if you want to be a mermaid for this years Halloween, or at least to think outside the box, and if it has made you think you don't want to be a mermaid stay tuned to see my other ideas for this year.

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