Thursday, 24 October 2013

Abbijo: Vampire Alert

Okay so I know you don't really need to be inspired to be a vampire for Halloween, but I am currently in London with a very limited supply of make-up so I thought I would just do something easy. It also Means that I don't have my amazing photographer with me so the photos are mediocre at best. I did ask him if he wanted to come but I think missing lectures and the idea of a weekend with my family who he does not know might have scared him off.

You can tell how extremely easy this is. It is just a pale base on your face, a black smoky eye and black lips with the oh so cliché blood coming from the mouth, And extend your cupids bow into two points, I think this makes it look a bit more unerring. 

However if I were to give advice about how to enhance this look, ie if I had my full collection of make-up with me, I would highly recommend a deep purple/black colour under the eyes to give you proper looking eyebags and also would use this same colour to make your cheeks look quite gaunt. 


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