Monday, 21 October 2013

Abbijo: Hope, Belief and Faith in Love

So I have had the unfortunate experience of losing two guys in the past year who are perfect on paper, which basically means they are amazing people, we connect well, really attractive and they have the same life goals and wishes as I do. And yet they have both ended despite the acknowledgement that we both still like each other but the timing of it happening means it is impossible to continue. I chose tonight to write about it because I thought it would help me move past the latest disappointment.

I think both the guys dealt with things immaturely because they both allowed things between us to happen, I mean I was technically one of their girlfriends and the other I would say we were on the way and everyone already thinks we were because we spent so much time together.

They both had baggage that I put down to them both not really knowing exactly what they want right now, they both have their lives set up for the future already and their futures are both going to be fantastic because they are so dedicated to their vision of what they want. But I think that because of this, their present state is not as nurtured and taken care of making them have a certain sadness about them. Because of this I choose to forgive them and actually feel sorry for them because even though they handled the situations in horrible ways and I am single because of it I still have this hope, belief and faith in love and I refuse to give up on it. Whereas I believe that at least one of them is scared of hurting me too much in a couple of years if his circumstances change.

So to people who are scared of commitment or that you are going to get hurt I always say that the hurt doesn't equal even a close amount of the happiness brought to you when you are in a relationship. And if that relationship does indeed end, it was not a waste of time or a pointless exercise, you learn and you grow and I do not regret any of the relationships or boys that I have seen in my time.

On to the next with terrific amounts of enthusiasm and faith

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