Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Abbijo: A Broken Doll

So today's Halloween make-up inspiration is my 'broken doll' look. I personally love this look and think it is well worth the the lengthy amounts of time that it can take to do it. Of course if you do not want to do the cracked look you can just do the doll make-up for regular fancy dress parties.

So briefly this look is achieved by making your face as white as possible and then adding very pink cheeks to it. Some form of doll like eye make-up, think big round and dewy and make sure to extenuate the bottom lashes, you can use either false lashes or simply draw them on with either eyeliner of eyeshadow. Then the cracks, try to make sure that they are straight lines all connected and when porcelain cracks it obviously cracks in straight lines. Draw a different lip shape to finish and make sure that your double bow is higher than normal.

That is basically it, so stay tuned if neither the doll or the mermaid are helping you to decide what you want to go as for this years Halloween.

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