Monday, 9 September 2013

Abbijo: Swimming the Great Swim

My sister signed her and her partner, M, up for the Great Swim: London ages ago. Now what this means is that you have to swim a mile in open water (a London dock) and the whole reason that my mum and I went down to London and stayed with them is because we went to watch them do this swim. The only problem was that my sister was hospitalised very for a couple of nights the week before the swim and was very ill. This meant that she could not possibly do the swim and therefore it was debatable whether her partner was going to do it or not. In the end it was decided that I would fill in for her and would swim with M for the mile. I fitted into her wetsuit and so I just had to pretend my name was Stephi while I was actually in the dockland.

We made it to the end even though M got really bad cramp during the mile. He was so strong to be able to finish the swim after having something like that happen to him, it can really knock your confidence and there was no side or ledge to climb onto to stretch it out properly, he had to stretch it on one of the kayaks that were there for safety measures. This is a big CONGRATULATIONS to both M and myself really because there were points during the swim that I was unsure whether he would be able to finish it. 

Only problem was that because of the medication that I was on I was technically not allowed outside because my skin would burn the moment it saw the sun. I have never been one to let illness stop me from doing something that I really wanted to do if I could help it. So Factor 50 was applied so often I'm surprised I wasn't excreting the stuff into the wetsuit. even with the amount we applied I still burned on my face a bit, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Stay well, have fun, keep fit my lovelies 

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