Sunday, 1 September 2013

Abbijo: London, Racism and Everything In Between

My trip to London is actually going to cover a few blog posts because there are two extremely noteworthy things that happened on my visit that definitely deserve their own post. These are going to be the Great Swim London and the Street Feast I went to. So this post will cover the rest of the trip

Egg Custard my Grandma made me to make me feel better 'cause she knows how much I love it

Just getting on to or first underground of the trip 'MIND THE GAP'

The Football

I decided to leave Wirral and travel on the Thursday for a number of reasons but the primary one was to watch a football match. My whole family supports Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) and they were playing a match at White Hart Lane on Thursday against some random Georgian team Dinamo Tbilisi. This was special for a number of reasons, I have mentioned that my whole family supports Tottenham and this is because my mother’s side of the family is from Tottenham are and my Grandfather used to play with them! So it was really nice to see my heritage which I had never experienced before properly. It is also the very first football match that I have ever actually seen and it was in a big stadium with a good football team not some local team or anything. And what made the whole experience amazing was that we ended up winning 3-0 which is really an added bonus, even though it was expected as we had beaten Dinamo Tbilisi 5-0 the week before.

 The Race Assumption 
Friday came and the thing I knew before I came was that my deadlines were extremely close to this trip so I dedicated this day to work all day. I popped out briefly for some lunch and went to a little street vendor called Wok On and had some noodles from them, the food was alright, nothing to rave about. My main critique of this place was that the guy who served me simply assumed I would not be able to use chopsticks and bypassed the disposable ones he had and gave me a plastic fork instead. Anyone who knows me even the slightest bit knows that I am basically in love with Eastern Asia and therefore can of course use chopsticks. Not just this though I think most of my white non Asian obsessed friends can also use chopsticks, so why must the guy who served me look at me and assume I cannot use them? It is an assumption based on race and race only. While he might have found that a lot of White people cannot use chopsticks would it not be kinder to ask which we would prefer? Or give us both automatically? Or assume we can use them until told otherwise just in case it causes offense? Perhaps the same with Asian people who visit as well, because even though it is highly likely they can use chopsticks they may not necessarily want to. For Example one of my very best friends in Bristol is from Hong Kong and together we visit HK Diner once a week for lunch to catch up and gossip. As we are there so often and she is extremely popular and friendly we know the boss and also are familiar with most of the staff. I never get a fork in HK Diner unless someone new serves us and then they give both a fork and chopsticks. While I always go straight for the chopsticks my friend will often pick up my fork because she can’t be bothered using chopsticks. I don’t know if she is typical for a Hong Kong girl but she is damn cool so I figure it has to be okay right?

Cable Cars run from here to the O2, I am scared of them so we didn't go this time!

See how high they go? Horrific 

So I live part time in Bristol and that city is known for it's graffiti. Graffiti is really a part of the heart of the city with Banksy being rumoured to be from there, I saw this on a random street in London and though it was awesome

The rest of my trip to London will be covered in subsequent blogs,
So I’ll see you soon


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