Thursday, 26 September 2013

Abbijo: Awkward encounters of the fresher kind

I'm in the middle of hosting a freshers week for Bristol University at the moment and if you don't have that where you are from it is basically a day a week or fortnight where all the new first years come meet each other get drunk and party. But as I am working in the bar of a hall and am on that same halls committee I have a lot of interaction with these freshers. There is this one guy who is super nice and I have made friends with and last night after work we went to get food because we were both starving. then he walked me back to my house because it was gone 1 o'clock (super sweet) and when we got back here I discovered that I had forgotten my keys to the house.

All the people I am sharing with were already asleep and I had no way of getting in. So I walked back to the hall of residence with him and when I couldn't get a response from any of the people I called to see if they were awake he offered me his bed saying he would stay in a friends room who had gone out but was just getting back and so was definitely awake.

I felt so bad because this meant he would be sleeping on the floor and therefore would be uncomfortable and most likely cold. But he repeatedly said it was fine and not to worry and since I had been working I was really tired so I accepted and was very grateful.

Unfortunately this morning when we walked into breakfast at the same time with me wearing the clothes everyone had seen me in the night before due to working in the bar I think people probably thought something else had been going on... which is even more awkward because he already has a girlfriend, which most of his friends I would assume know because she is from back home and a lot of his friends he knows in all are from back home.

So I haven't even been back a week in uni yet and I am having some really awkward things happen to me, let's see how the rest of it turns out.  

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