Monday, 5 August 2013

Abbijo: Ice beware

So I am having an amazing day off work tomorrow and this is because I am going Ice Skating with some friends. But this poses a number of problems that I don't know how to solve.
  1. What to wear- This is always the biggest problem when I go ice skating as non of my clothes are really suitable for falling on the freezing cold ice... problem. One of my friends who is really into photography wants to do a mini photo shoot there of us on the ice, so the outfit I wear tomorrow has to look amazing... problem. The outfit I eventually choose needs to not be too stiff and has to allow for free movement (especially since I will be driving)... problem. Having to think about all of these combined makes one heck of a BIG problem for me.
  2. Driving there- I will be driving a full car of boys... problem. I will be driving us to a place in the middle of Wales on roads I am not accustomed to... problem. I don't actually know where this place is and will be relying on the boys with a map... problem. I have to leave my house at 8:30 am to get there in time to be first in... problem. Yet this does not worry me any where near as much as what to wear does, go figure.
  3. Food- The only food that is served at the ice rink is fatty disgusting foods that even if I did like I couldn't eat anyway since I'm trying to be healthy. This will mean in the morning I will have to get up even earlier to make myself food that I can take with me. 
Now I know non of these problems are major world problems but since it is going to be my only free day in a while, I really want to enjoy every moment of it, which is why I have made plans for the evening when I will be getting back as well. I will be enjoying the light brain exercise of a pub quiz with another group of friends.

I have to say that all work productivity today has been majorly diminished by the excitement of relaxing on the ice rink tomorrow and constantly looking in my wardrobe for something to wear. So really you could say that ice skating is basically taking up two whole work days. The shocking life of a girl who loves everything to be perfect and so stresses about things to the point where it becomes almost unpleasant.

To counter this I think the photos will turn out beautifully because what will shine through more than anything in them is the amount of fun that we have when we are together and that is something no amount of accessories can fake or overshadow (and since we will all be wearing ice skates I won't be wearing any beautiful heels). 

I guess also that while I want to look like this on the ice:
I should know that that is never going to happen since I can't skate well. 
So I think so long as I wear something that is comfy but perhaps slightly elegant it wont really matter what I wear.

Yu-Na Kim of South Korea 

And for food, well I make nice salads so I guess that is what I will be eating tomorrow.

Now the only thing to worry about is falling over and breaking something or just hurting myself really badly. Well I guess there are worse ways to seriously injure yourself then when you are having fun with your friends.

So wish me buena suerte

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