Saturday, 10 August 2013

Abbijo: A hair's breath

I got my hair cut yesterday at a salon near my home on the Wirral and what I hate so much about hairdressers happened to me. After I told her what I wanted she said that it wouldn't suit me because I have hair that is too fine for the style I asked for, this I was prepared for and so I replied with the question of how could we make something similar work with my hair? She talked extremely fast in a jargon that I had no way of understanding and then proceeded to cut my hair exactly how I didn't want it. When I say this I mean I would prefer to have a drastic cut like Beyonce has just had or even shorter than that, then be stuck with the cut I now have.

Basically what she has done to my hair is leave it flat and boring with a couple of long layers in it. Don't be offended by the fact that I hate this for me because it isn't the style that I hate it is the fact that it really doesn't suit my character or age. When I leave education and get a formal job this hairstyle will be perfect and look really appropriate, but as it is, I am 19, in university and still having fun with my look and style while I can. 

I am getting it fixed in a different salon today, I went in yesterday and the woman who is going to be cutting my hair listened to my problem found a work around for my hair and talked through everything with me until I was satisfied that I will be leaving the salon later today with hair that is fun, young and suits me. While this may be extravagant to get two hair cuts consecutively I feel it is a cost that I almost have to pay, it also might seem extremely vain, but it is my choice and to be honest if I want a type of haircut I should be able to have it, after all I am paying for a service I expect to receive it. 

This brings me to the point of this blog entry, I want to say that I didn't complain yesterday and just said it looked nice, paid and left. This was wrong of me. I was too embarrassed to say anything at the time, but now I am going to pay again to have my hair cut. This could have been avoided if I had only had the courage to speak out at the time. I feel really bad about this now, so I implore you that when you go to the salon to get something new and risky done to your hair, if you are aware that the look may be a high maintenance one and are prepared to deal with this consequence, then you should most definitely stand your ground. Speak with authority, but not rudely and if you don't think you have been given what you ask for, then you MUST say so. It is your right as a consumer to be given what you ask for whether they think it will look good or not. I mean let's face it, everyone has their own individual style so who's to say they are always right.

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