Friday, 30 August 2013

Abbijo: Style-a-thon

The other day I was super bored of my work so I decided to to go out and model some outfits so that I have some really good quality pictures for my Lookbook account. Luckily I have a few friends who are really good with a camera and so I enlisted one of them to come an snap me posing it up. He obliged willing saying that it would be good to add to his portfolio as he hasn't done anything like this before. So a win all round really.
We had so much fun doing this so I just want to post a couple of pictures that didn't make the cut for Lookbook on here. Keep checking my Lookbook account to see the final results of the day.

My beautiful cap hiding my face 

So I let the sun on my face, think this is the last time I got to sun love before my skin was banned from seeing the sun!

Test shot have to be amusing right?

I'd never wear one out, but they all wear garlands in those Lookbook pictures right?

Got to protect your skin at all times...

So carry a cute accessory like my parasol

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