Thursday, 29 August 2013

Abbijo: Simple things

I have been feeling rotten about not being allowed in the sunlight for the next week and not being able to swim the the Great London Swim so my whole trip to London is going to spent inside during the day, only able to venture outside in the evenings. Well I am sure I will still have fun with my family and I will try and watch my sister and her partner swim it anyway.
But today I was overwhelmed when one of my friends suggested we do something tonight that i would enjoy because he knew I had been feeling unwell and I guess he gathered how upset I have been over this whole illness. So I held a poker night at my house and at the very last minute a few of my friends came which made me feel so much better about everything, they were willing to travel to see me, comfort me and keep me company. So I thought I would honour these particular friends who managed to come.

L, one of my best female friends here at home. This is us pictured on my birthday night out. She is extremely cheerful and funny and a really good friend to have, she is kind of like a mother figure sometimes I guess because I think she is quite caring when she is a friend, also quite mature. (Although maybe that's cause she is a year older than me,)

J, it was his idea to do something tonight for me and I think that shows just how much of an amazing friend he is. Really tried to make me feel better. I feel blessed to have a friend like him. Although it was super last minute so many people couldn't come because of work and prior commitments I still had a fantastic time tonight. He is possibly one of the most jokey people I know and is constantly taking the piss out of you or someone else, but it is all done in jest and he is extremely funny when he does it. This picture was taken on our recent flight with some other friends who happen to be in France now. (Jealous)

E, the final friend who managed to come tonight. He is one of my fellow swimmers from way back when I used to swim properly, before I went to Uni and got super lazy. We still swim in the holidays together though so it is quite nice to get back to that. He is a really funny person as well, loves banter. Sometimes he crosses the line I guess but most of the time he tiptoes around it. This picture was taken the summer after my first year of Uni. Funny right? I was trying to get is six pack out haha.

So yeah, I know my other friends were to busy or in other countries so couldn't make it, but it really made me feel better that these came and we had such a good poker night. Okay I didn't win but I came second, I was playing recklessly because there wasn't money involved in this game. Apparently some students are too broke to buy in to a poker game! Who would have thought it haha?!

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