Sunday, 4 August 2013

Abbijo: Peplum saviour

I went out for cocktails two nights ago but was feeling rather bloated, I am so busy doing work for my dissertation at the moment that I am spending the whole day cooped up inside my personal study, believe me when I say you wouldn't know it was a bedroom to look at now! 
Every inch of what was my vanity is now covered in books and sketches of religious items found in Asia. The bed I sleep on only has a small section by the pillow that is not covered in papers of my thoughts for my dissertation, The other bed in my room is covered as usual with all the things I use when I'm in bed so all my cleansers and toners, tweezers and now piles of National Geographic. It is so messy just to look at and yet I know exactly where everything is, all the information is so easily accessible to me, but if you just walk into my room now, you'd think I was crazy.
I have never been so interested in my studies before this but my dissertation is literally so interesting I am enjoying every minute of writing it and attempting my research.

However because all I am doing with my day is working, I find it extremely difficult to not snack. To make this not as bad for myself I bought a ton of fruit, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, grapes, bananas etc... But this is not enough I have eaten my way through all the fruit in my house (rather quickly) and then so many chocolates and other unhealthy things. With not doing any exercise during the day I feel as though I am gaining weight by the second, this is really putting my usually fantastic metabolism to the test. 
So when my friends asked me out for cocktails at The Grange, I knew I could not possibly wear something tight on my top half like I normally do, I mean I could pass for a couple of months pregnant at the moment! So when it came to clothing I really only had one choice of what to wear, well a couple of choices because I own a couple of peplum style tops. 

I wore one of my favourites because it is still a bit loose above the the waist so would allow for any extra fat I've got right now. It's a gorgeous purple grey kind of colour with lace trim, both the middle of the front and back come down into a point and it is longer at the point of the back. I paired it with my leather front leggings because they manage to suck all of the fat in my legs in and help make them look slimmer.

As always I love to add a really bright colour to an otherwise dull coloured outfit. For this I love to use my bright turquoise envelope clutch and though I don't have precisely matching shoes I do have a powder blue par that go nicely (especially with a bit of distance between them!).

My hair and make-up I just left extremely basic (I was hurried from my house within half an hour of knowing I was going out!) and yet the night was really something I needed to get over all the work I'm doing at the moment. Not really just the beautiful concoctions of spirits and fruits that I am so partial to (aka cocktails), but also the relaxing environment of just being with my friends. Okay, okay, it is mostly the cocktails. But I am NOT and alcoholic!

Anyway this was my break from work so I'm going back to reading my lovely books and making my messy diagrams and notes.

Top: Miss Selfridge
Leggings: Mango
Clutch: Aldo
Shoes: Carvela by Kurt Geiger

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