Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Abbijo: Hoarder or Lover- Perfume

I have decided to do a segment in my blog called Hoarder or Lover. This is going to be a comparison entry that I will do about certain things I have a lot of. It will basically decide whether I love the things I have or just hoard and never throw them away. This is thanks to my darling mother who was complaining to me today (and most days) about how much 'stuff' I have. Today it was because I was complaining that I didn't have the right nail varnishes for the marble nails that I wanted to do, as mine were not turning out amazingly, pictures to follow.
'But you have a box full upstairs too!' I had been rummaging through a small box of nail varnish in the living room while watching television with her.
'I know, but I don't have the right colours there either!'
While normally her complaints about the volume of clothes or shoes or products I have just bounce off me, today I actually thought about it and have to say I agree, I have too much of ... everything really. So these entries will be every time I can muster the courage to face the horrific fact that I might have to get rid of a few things.

Today's Hoarder or Lover is about Perfume.

This is the collection that stays at home while I am in university and, even though there are handbag sized bottles, I do not use these in my handbags. They are my everyday perfumes that I love but do not travel with because they are not 'special enough'. When I travel to university I am limited in the amount of things I can take with me so I only take two or three bottles with me, they are currently in Bristol. In my handbags I prefer to carry a range of cute a flowery body sprays to freshen up with. For these I generally use the Ted Baker or FCUK scents because they smell great and come in conveniently small bottles.

I have had some of these bottles for years and that is because I cannot bear to finish them because I love the smell so much. The problem is that because I love the smell I refuse to finish them, which means that I never finish a bottle and end up with a collection of, in total at home and university, over thirty bottles!

So do I hoard or do I love perfume?
For perfume, I am going to be honest and say that I hoard it. While I love having such beautiful bottles with gorgeous fragrances inside them, it is totally unnecessary to have so many bottles of perfume. I should really finish the bottles and stop this madness!

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