Saturday, 17 August 2013

Abbijo: A closet organiser

Thought I would do a blog post about my wardrobes since they are such a huge part of my life and I love them so much. They are organised in a way that means that I know where everything goes and can find something really, really, really quickly, but I think my logic might just suit me and only be comprehensible to me.

All of the clothes that are on hangers have the front on the left because that way they are all facing the same direction, this really matters to me and I go crazy when they aren't all facing left. I like my dresses and Skirts to be in length order so I can find the length I am looking for and then choose from that section. Since the dresses don't have dividers between evening and day dresses, I do the length so that it gets longer and then suddenly goes up again which marks the divide between the two sections (does that make sense?). And I always have my trousers in a colour themed order.

1) Colder outerwear, thin cardigans, kimono etc...
2) Shirts and blouses for both work and everyday
3) More Formal and going out tops
4) Skirts in length order 
5) Nightwear, from summer to winter 
6) Work out tops
7) Jumpers and cardigans that I wear a lot
8) Sweat pants, leggings, house pants
9) More jumpers and cardigans I wear a lot
10) Shorts that I can wear in public
11) Sweat shorts, yoga shorts, things I shouldn't but do wear outside! They're just so damn comfy
12) Every day tee-shirts
13) Everyday vests that I wear a hell of a lot
14) Bras
15) Socks 
16) Underwear
17) Gloves, hats and scarves for cold weather, not just fashion! (I do have practical clothes)

1) Hoddies
2) Day time maxi dresses
3) Ball-gowns and formal floor length dresses
4) Evening dresses, in length order
5) Day dresses, in length order
6) Playsuits, I only have two :(
7) Trouser, from the lightest to the darkest
8) Some jackets

My wardrobe in numbers:
21 pairs of trousers hanging, 8 of these are jeans 
44 dresses, only 12 of these are day dresses
25 skirts 
8 pairs or sweat and yoga shorts that I live in
Only 5 pairs of shorts for actually wearing outside
3 pairs of sweat pants, one pair of house pants
Countless vests and tee-shirts 

I guess that shows how much I just love to be comfy in a vest and sweats or sweat shorts. My personal favourite place to get these shorts from is Hollister and Gilly Hicks However these cost £19 for something you only ever really wear inside the house and no one is going to see. Now I don't mind paying that much for a couple of pairs because I literally wear them everyday, I mean when I get home I change into them as soon as I can, however if I had paid full price for all of them, I would have spent £152 on shorts that I mainly wear inside the house, so instead I got most of them on sale, this brings them down to around £10 in store and £14 online. Saves you money right?! And there are literally always nice ones on sale, because lets face it, there isn't a lot of material to make them really ugly, they are what they are.

So that is a very brief encounter with my wardrobe that will let you know a little something about me and the kind of lazy comfy person I am when I'm home. I hope that if you wardrobes are just messy put things in with nor order or system that showing you mine might help you to organise your wardrobe, or maybe you just want to copy something I have done. Just remember to keep your wardrobes fun, it should never be a chore to put your clothes away. 
As always if you have any questions drop me an email

Have fun organising 

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