Sunday, 18 August 2013

Abbijo: Birthday surprise

Today, 18.08.2013 I have turned the ripe age of 20, I know it is not THAT old but I was really nervous to end my teenage years. My last four birthdays have all had something unpleasant happen on them so I decided this year that while I would do something to mark the day it would not be anything particularly special to try and limit the disasters that could happen.

I was at a house part last night through to this morning, and then I came home and opened the small surprise presents off my mum (I'll upload my birthday haul later) after this I decided I would go shopping with my two best girlfriends at home on the Wirral. I have just got back from this spree and am writing this quickly before I start to cook dinner for nine people! I am having my family round, including my darling godchildren. After this I will be going back out with my girlfriends for some cocktails in the best cocktail bars in Liverpool. In total that means that for my birthday I will be wearing four different outfits! seems decadent? Oh well that is how I role! Haha

So this for me is going to perhaps be one of the best birthdays ever, I get to see all of my friends who live on the Wirral, all of my family who live here and I got to turn 20 in the happy alcohol haze of the house party and will also finish my birthday under the influence of beautiful cocktails, just what I love!

Have an awesome day, I know I will

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