Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Abbijo: Birthday Haul

So I told my friends I didn't really want much for my birthday and they shouldn't bother to buy me presents. But of course being good friends they went ahead and did it anyway, I do love my friends. C, brought a bag round and said
'Don't be angry I got you things you can use for your blog so it doesn't count as a present!'
And so this is mainly about her presents but I'll pop in the other presents I got too, just in case anyone wants to be nosy like I know I would be.

Okay so all of these Soap and Glory products are brilliant, I love Soap and Glory in general and these items are their small travelling range which are really handy. The Hand Food has a really thin dispenser part which is good because as it spreads really well you don't need that much and this prevents you wasting it. The Righteous Butter Body Lotion is a thinner version of the Righteous Butter which means that it is good for when you are on the go and it absorbs really quickly into the skin and yet works just as well as the non lotion, plus they both smell divine.
Gelly Hi Shine nail paint by Barry M comes out beautifully on the nails and is very shiny like it says. It takes two coats however because otherwise it is extremely streaky and seems to stay well as I don't even have the hint of a chip and its been two days. It hasn't become dull yet and looks as if I applied it today.
Sumptuous Extreme Mascara by Estee Lauder is very impressive. I have been addicted to YSL for mascara for at least three years and have not wanted to stray. But if ever a mascara has tempted me it would be this one. It is really lengthening and doesn't clump at all. I only needed one coat and it does the look that I love, lengthy black and curled upwards. This has opened my eyes up and I am now genuinely considering a change, hmmmm we shall see.
Finally she bought me Baby Lips lip balm by Maybelline. I have wanted to try this product for ages and I have to say that it has lived up to its reputation and beyond. I love it! It conditions my lips so well and the tint colour that is in them is fantastic. This one is called Cherry me and is a red colour and I think the colour is super amazing. It is strong enough that you don't need lipstick with it and yet it kind of leaves your lips looking quite natural because it is a balm and not a lip stain. I loved this product so much that I went out and bought it in another two colours, so I bought Pink Punch and Peach Kiss too so that I could have a range of colours. They all smell so great and fruity and I love them so much that I would definitely recommend everyone going to buy these products.

You can get all of these products from Boots and they have a whole range of small products that you can carry around in your handbag!

My friend L bought me this photo frame and put this photo in it. The thing about giving a photo frame to someone is you don't just give a photo frame you can give a memory as well. This photo is from our trip to Tenerife and brings back so many amazing memories just having it. It's also a great present for me because everybody knows that I have photos of family and friends all over my room to remind me how luck I am, and I love purple!

My beautiful godchildren got me this bracelet which I think is gorgeous and really fits in with the kind of jewellery that I wear. Note the Jelly Hi Shine nail paint I have on from two days ago, see how shiny it is!

This book was a gift from my mum which I love so much. It is kind of like a diary but with titles for what you are supposed to write in it. I think I will love looking back at this When I'm older to see what has changed in my life. It has sections to put photos of loved ones in and the things that motivate you, who you follow on twitter etc... I think I am going to fill it out every 5 years (there is enough space for this) so that I can see how much I change. I think this is possibly my favourite gift because it was so unexpected and yet so perfect. I did not ask for presents I only asked from my family that on my next trip to Asia they add a bit of money to the pot so I can travel there more freely.
In case you're wondering what I put in this book, I'll tell you one. In the What Motivates You section I glued a picture of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong at nigh time taken from The Peak!

I have yet to receive all of my presents and cards from family and friends as some are too far to come for the day, however I was so happy with this that it really makes me great full that I have such fantastic friends and family.

Always love

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