Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Abbijo: At 1400 feet

I have not yet blogged about my birthday but that will have to wait until I have sorted through the photos and actually what I want to say, So much happened you see.

So this is a post about the flight I took the day after my birthday. My friend, R, is a qualified pilot and is really awesome so he said he would take us flying. Awesome right?! We went to Liverpool John Lennon airport and right next to it is a private flying club. the plane we went in was so tiny it was super cute and I loved it.

We flew all over Liverpool and the Wirral, and headed just out over some other places, I'm not entirely sure where exactly we went. I super loved the feeling in this little baby, you felt the turbulence a lot more then you would in a jet, but it wasn't scary it was so fun. It felt like I was on a roller-coaster some times and others it was just smooth flying. I wouldn't recommend these planes if you aren't good with flying in general or if you mind a bit of a rocky ride.

It is a great opportunity to get some cool looking self pictures, and of course I had to wear aviators if I was going flying! You had to wear the headphones because the plane was so noisy and you couldn't hear anything over the engine noise. We had so much fun with these headphones :)

This is my darling friend and pilot who took us out. He's funny scowling at me like that, don't think he liked his hi-vis jacket too much.

I wanted to wear something super cute and girly but also warm so I wouldn't be cold, I hate being cold. the dress is actually a multi purpose item as it can be worn as two different types of skirt as well as a dress! So yeah that is my outfit for a fun flight with friends.

Leggings- Topshop
Waist Belt- Vintage, my mum bought it over 25 years ago

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