Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Abbijo: Rock life

I went to a house party the other day that was themed on what we brits think stereotype American Frat Parties. We had all of the red plastic cups and we played all the kind of drinking games one would expect to have there, beer pong etc, but before the party I had a dilemma on what to wear.
Now I love fancy dress, but there isn't much to go as apart from just yourself to a house party. So I decided that I wanted to do something totally out of the ordinary for me and go as a Rock Chic. My hair and make-up I knew would have to be awesome. For my make-up I did the obvious big black eyes, the hair however was a little harder for me to decide upon. In the end I went for a mix of random curls and also random sections of crimped hair.
I know crimping hair hasn't really been popular since the 90's but I have always loved crimped hair and I think it can look awesome. I managed to dig out my old crimper and it literally took an hour to heat up!

For the outfit I bought a super cheap black top and cut right down the sides and wore a colourful bralet and tucked the top into ripped denim shorts. It was slightly cold out and so I put over the knee black socks with white limited edition studded Converse pumps. I also placed some of my old Rosary Beads and a thick black bangle on as my accessories.
And shazaaaam I was turned into a Rock Chic!

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