Monday, 22 July 2013

Abbijo: Curl o'clock

So I have my hair Ombre style and I know that when it is straight (natural) it looks good, but nothing in comparison to when it is curled. So when I get dressed up and go out, for the most part I have it curly. But there are so many ways to curl ones hair and they all give you different results. So looking over some old photos got me wondering; What is the best way to curl your hair?

Curl one:

This curl is done using heat, I actually use a Cosmopolitan Curling Wand from the set. It is my favourite heat curling product, having tried out many, many curling contraptions over the years, this is the one I would recommend to people. It is really quick and easy to use and leaves beautiful waves in your hair. The only problem with it is that as a heat product it is inevitably going to damage your hair, so when using it and any other heat products on your hair ALWAYS use a heat protection spray (oh and I believe it does not work well on thick hair). My personal favourite is by Umberto Giannini and is sold at boots, it smells fantastic and you really notice a difference when using it.

Curl two:

This curl is not made using heat but time. After you have washed your hair using your chosen products, you should separate your hair and put into two braids (it can be done with three braids, but this gives a much more wild look). Then simply wait for your hair to dry, undo and brush out (picture one), this is quite a big hairstyle so if you want to smooth it out (picture two) and tame the waves into sleek folds then you can use a multitude of products one of my personal favourites again by Umberto Giannini.
The only problem with this style is that it takes so long to achieve, however this is not a problem if you know when you are going to need the style, oh say 24 hours in advance.

Curl three:

Again this curl does not actually require heat and follows pretty much the same process as the previous one. The only difference being it does not use braids but a messy bun. So simply tie your hair up when it is wet, in a completely messy and mad bun and your hair will look something like this when it is dry. I love doing this at night when I am going to be in a rush the next morning because it will dry while you're asleep and then for a sorted style you can just release it and use a bit of hairspray to keep it looking carefully messed up all day. A brilliant, relaxed style for a busy day.

For all of these looks I have used Hairspray to help keep the curls intact, my hairspray of choice is Elnett Satin Supreme Hold Hairspray by L'Oreal.

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