Thursday, 20 June 2013

Abbijo: A Mango trip later

So here goes my first ever real post...

I took a break from my work today and hit the shops, mainly to pick up my new Marc Jacobs bracelet, and realised that I had forgotten that most of the summer sales have begun. I don't really understand how I forgot about it but evidently I did. I realised my mistake as I stood in Cabot Circus surrounded by signs beckoning and calling to me with alluring offers such as 'Up to 50% off', 'EVERYTHING 1/2 price'  and 'Extra 20% off TODAY'. My big mistake was stepping foot anywhere near the shops as I will fully admit that I do not posses the self restraint to walk past a shop I love without going in, especially if it has a sale on.

I was in the shops with a friend of mine, we'll call him T, who was extremely good at restraining me from entering most shops, however when I came to Mango there was really nothing he could do to stop me. You see the thing with Mango's Summer Sale is, they don't just put items that aren't selling well and items that are old in the sale, they put everything in the sale. So T wandered off to PC World to look at monitors and let me enter heaven.

It felt amazing to be in this paradise that had such amazing discounts on clothes that were just perfect for the summer. Now being alone I could truly appreciate all the clothes without hurrying through and acting as much as possible like I wasn't obsessed by all of the fabrics and designs in front of me. I plunged my hands into the rails and flipped through the tables of neatly organised skirts, shorts, trousers, blouses and dresses, feeling the soft materials and picking up items to try on.

Since I am attempting to get to Asia this summer and hopefully spend most of the 3 months holiday there, so trying on tiny shorts and floaty skirts is not a ridiculous hope that we are going to have a fantastic summer in England this year.

So this is what I bought in Mango, perfect for the summer I think! The two pairs of shorts are beautifully comfortable and fit nicely, without being too short and showing cheeks like so many do at the moment.
The mint green skirt is see through from the thigh down with splits and an excess of material to make it excessively floaty and ethereal.
While the trousers are loose they are fitted nicely, tapering in both at the tops of the thigh and towards the ankle encouraging a womanly figure, without having that sprayed on look.

All in all, I am extremely happy with my purchases and would highly recommend Summer Sales shopping if you are at all stressed or feeling gloomy about anything. Just remember to be careful, when seeing how much you are saving you can be lulled into a safe sense of 'it's not expensive therefore i can buy more'. These are dangerous waters to wade into as it can mean spending amounts of money that you would normally not even consider spending.

Adios my darlings, until next time

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