Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Abbijo: An introduction

Just to make a start, I wanted to introduce myself and say hi!

<----- So this is me, I'm a nineteen year old student at Bristol University studying the oh so interesting subject of Archaeology! I live on the Wirral  with my family when I am not in Bristol.

Style and fashion are a large part of my life and you will often find me shopping for both myself and my friends, giving my opinion and advice, sometimes when it is not wanted. However all my friends know that if they ever want an opinion on an outfit or help with their make-up I am more than happy to help/

I work in a bar and am in love with cocktails, both mixing and drinking. Shamelessly going to plug my favourite bar in Bristol (and possibly the world) now: take a trip to Amoeba if you're ever in Bristol and give the bartenders a hello from me.

Enthusiastic in both dance and swimming I practise Ballet for personal enjoyment after completing many exams and competitions and swim to keep fit after representing many swimming clubs in my area when I was younger. Sometimes I'll spontaneously break out into song and dance much to the amusement and sometimes embarrassment of my friends.

So I guess a little of what will be to come in this blog might be good. It will be a flash look at my life, which will incorporate my style choices, things going on in my life to do with friends work and of course what we are all looking for in

So for now I'll say goodbye, so ciao.

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